What would 60 cents a day buy for your organization?

I came across this great monthly giving advertisement today for the ASPCA on amazon.

Here’s a classic example of a well-executed call to action.

3 Responses to “What would 60 cents a day buy for your organization?”

  1. I have tried this on LinkedIN asking for donations from 16 cents a day to 80 cent a day, without any response what-so-every. Looks good on paper but if people will not give to children’s needs will they give to animals?

  2. Pamela Grow says:

    Thanks for the comment, Scott.

    I’m not a big fan of advertising in general, as I prefer a more donor-centric approach. That said, for what it is, this ASPCA Ad is a good, simple call to action.

    For the small organization, I would recommend approaching donors who are already on-board, particularly those who already show evidence of being loyal donors and would love the opportunity of the more meaningful relationship that monthly giving represents.

  3. Jude says:

    Great ad. And yes, the huge number of animal lover would certainly be moved to act on this piece. This organization (and their ad agency) really know what will touch their audience. Bravo!

    The Shriner’s Hospital out-of-home ads are as compelling and I enjoy seeing each new campaign.