Are your grantwriting ducks in a row?

It’s Monday morning when, in the course of your foundation prospect research, you discover a regional foundation that:

  • accepts grant proposals, and
  • whose mission aligns ideally with yours

The problem?  Their deadline for accepting proposals is Wednesday.

No problem, you’re “grant ready” with the following updated documents at your fingertips:

  1. A copy of the IRS letter confirming your organization’s 501(c)(3) status
  2. Your annual operating budget and actual income and expenses for most recently completed fiscal year AND for current year-to-date.
  3. Three (3) largest funders in the last fiscal year and type of grant and/or master list of awarded grants for last five years
  4. Itemized project budget (if applicable) for how this specific grant will be used. Identify each source of revenue, the amount, and whether funds are either committed or pending. If request is for a multi-year grant, include multi-year program budget.
  5. Your most recent AUDITED financial statement (if budget greater than $100,000) or Form 990 (if budget between $25,000 and $100,000). If neither document is available, include unaudited financial statement.
  6. Latest annual report or summary of the organization’s prior year activities.
  7. Current board list
  8. One-paragraph description of key staff, including qualifications relevant to the request.
  9. Grantee report (if previously funded).
  10. Letters of agreement from any collaborating agencies, if applicable.

Create a pdf of each document as well for online submissions and be sure to maintain updated resumes of key program staff.

3 Responses to “Are your grantwriting ducks in a row?”

  1. A great list and a great reminder.

  2. Sandy Rees says:

    I think you’re right! One of the first things I recommend to my students is to get a set of stacking trays and put copies of these documents in them. Then, when they need to assemble a grant proposal, everything is easily found.

    Sandy Rees

  3. Teri Pinney says:

    I never thought to do this. What a wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing.