What if one simple strategy could increase donations by 35%?

You’ll love this recent video, courtesy of Movie Mondays for Nonprofits.  Fundraising author and researcher Penelope Burk shared one simple strategy that your organization’s board members can use to increase donations by as much as 35%.  How could you take this further?  Do what many of my clients do and schedule thank you note writing parties within the course of a board meeting.  What are some other ideas for getting your board involved?

3 Responses to “What if one simple strategy could increase donations by 35%?”

  1. I think the thank-you note writing party is a cool idea. Might meet a bit of “resistance” but once they get the point, I think it will be fun. Plus we get to be more personal with donors and sponsors.

  2. Leslie says:

    We have held “donor calling parties” with board members and former board members making calls. I give them a sheet with the donor name, their connection to the organization, their giving history (no $ amounts, just dates of gifts). Donors are very surprised, and then pleased, when they learn we are just calling them to say thank you and that we are not asking for another gift.

  3. Pamela Grow says:

    Excellent Leslie! I’ve done the very same thing with hand-written thank you notes as well.

    Do you also provide your board members with a script to follow? How do you track these calls in your database?