A foundation director shares what resonates with funders

Craig Stewart, president of the Apex/Bruce & Jolene McCaw Family Foundation, recently sat down to chat with the founder of Movie Mondays about what makes a likely candidate for grant funding.

Quite simply:

  1. Strong boards
  2. A 100% commitment to fundraising efforts
  3. A CEO who carves out the time to spend with major donors and major potential donors
  4. A development director who the board trusts and invites to their regular board meetings
  5. A CEO who has complete confidence in the development director

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How does your organization measure up?

3 Responses to “A foundation director shares what resonates with funders”

  1. […] Grow has put together a fantastic post about what foundation directors want. It’s a video. From 501videos. And I love it […]

  2. Esther says:

    I thought this was a really strong video — one that new (and burned-out) board members should watch. Craig Stewart sets the bar high, but if I were a funder, I’d also want to invest in well-functioning organizations. Of everything he said, what resonated with you the most?

  3. Pamela Grow says:

    That’s a tough question, Esther. They’re all so spot on! I would have to say that the points that Craig made about the board and CEO/ED having confidence in the development director really resonated with me. Boards and leaders are often wanting quick results – I’ve even been in the position of having a CEO dismiss my ideas about stewardship as “quaint” back in my own development director days. Sound development is all about relationship building, relationship building takes time. Trite but true. Thanks for commenting.

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