Keep Christmas in Your Heart All Year Long

“I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all year.”
Charles Dickens

Many years ago I was working for the Philadelphia Bar Association at their offices on South Market (near the famous Reading Terminal Market … about the only positive about working for the Philadelphia Bar Association :-).

My husband and I lived near the Philadelphia Museum of Art, in the city’s Fairmount section, and I boarded the #43 bus every day to go to work.

It was a particularly sweltering August day and the bus was packed with people coming home from their jobs when a 30-something woman boarded.  She wore a dress and low heels, was heavily pregnant and was also, quite plainly, miserably uncomfortable.

I remember observing as others on the bus, several of them male, deliberately avoided eye contact with this woman.  I can recall distinctly thinking to myself “what jerks!” (or worse) and wondering why no one had the common courtesy to offer their seat up to that woman.

And then it hit me.

While gentlemanly gallantry might be dead, good manners didn’t have to be.

I stood and offered my seat to her.  She accepted gratefully.

It was a small gesture and really not a big deal.

But just think, if every day, you made one small difference how much better our world would be.  Not to mention yours.

3 Responses to “Keep Christmas in Your Heart All Year Long”

  1. Being a positive role model/leader is a 24/7 job, it doesn’t just end when one leaves the office. I’m sure others took notice of your actions and have imitated them at a later date.

    (And yes, the Reading Terminal Market is incredible.)

  2. Pam, yet another example of how it’s the small things that make a real difference in life – way to go!

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