Author, coach, copy-writer, nonprofit marketing consultant and political junkie, Pamela is the author of “Five Days to Foundation Grants”  and  the creator of Simple Development Systems, the only online coaching program created for the overwhelmed fundraiser in the one-person marketing and development shop.

Pamela’s appeared on Rosetta Thurman’s All Nonprofits Considered radio program and been featured by the Chronicle of Philanthropy and the Foundation Center.  She’s the founder of #smNPchat on Twitter – the only Twitter chat geared specifically to the small nonprofit development shop – and she co-hosts Small Shop a regular column of Fundraising Success Magazine. She is a regular contributor to Sofii, the showcase of fundraising innovation and inspiration, and Charity Channel.  Pamela has presented at the annual Nonprofit Technology Conference , the New Jersey Association for Grant Professionals, and Network for Good’s 911 webinars.  She hosts regular grant-training webinars with CharityHowTo.

Pam segued from six years working in programming and communications at a regional grantmaking foundation to the world of fundraising 10 years ago.  In her first position as a 15-hour a week development director for an agency with a $3 million dollar budget, she increased individual giving by 25% – while reducing costs by 31% – and increased foundation funding by an astonishing 93%! She’s raised over $10 million in funding since then and has been positioning small nonprofit organizations on the path to sustainable funding ever since  with her “Simple Development Systems” of donor-centric fundraising methods.

With an eclectic 20 year background in politics, sales, marketing and philanthropy, Pamela’s greatest satisfaction lies in teaching the small community-based nonprofits how to, in her words,  “market like the big boys” with limited time and resources.

In her spare time, Pamela is a Food Network junkie and bakes a killer strawberry rhubarb pie, paints, runs, lifts weights, practices yoga and is a single mother to two utterly remarkable daughters.

Readers love The Grow Report, the only weekly enews geared specifically to the one-person development shop!

“I always refer to “The Grow Report” for expert advice and guidance. There’s a lot of differing opinions out there but Pamela’s is the one I trust most.”

“Your post on storytelling in grants reinforced recent changes in our grant writing. Since then by adding those “stories” throughout the grant, we have experienced our first national foundation success. This same copy was used at the local level and we were one of 18 successful grants from a field of 68 from a foundation which had never funded us previously.”

“Your newsletter usually produces one “aha” per issue it is why i take the time to read it, most others i just scan.”

“Your most recent “seven tips in a recession” was great. Used it in class with my Northeastern U fundraising students. Great discussion!”

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