Direct Mail on a Shoestring Budget – with Mal Warwick

I wondered …

  • What should the small nonprofit without a list be doing in this economy in terms of direct mail?
  • The kind of organization with a small (or virtually no) donor list?
  • Does it make sense to try to acquire new donors in today’s economy?
  • How often should you mail and how long should your letter be?
  • What are some creative ways to grow your donor list?

Listen in as I ask the master of direct mail fundraising, Mal Warwick, these questions, your questions and more.  Mal is a noted speaker, and author of 19 highly regarded books on fundraising, including the recent Fundraising When Money is Tight: A Strategic and Practical Guide for Surviving Tough Times and Thriving in the Future.

Our chat-fest was 30 minutes.  I learned a lot.  You will too.