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GrowConsultingPA offers the smaller nonprofit organization a number of personalized and affordable programs guaranteed to provide you with the sustainable funding you need to focus on your mission – rather than chasing funding.

Services include:


Foundation Prospecting Webinar

For years a major component of my grants strategy has involved seeking out small to mid-size foundations that will support general operating support.  The Chronicle of Philanthropy recently reported that, contrary to overall economic trends, small to mid-size foundations actually increased their grant payouts in 2009.  It makes sense to focus your efforts on these foundations.

Your webinar will be tailored specifically to your organization and will include everything you need to prospect for small to mid-sized grant-making foundations who will support your mission.

Webinars will be held via GoToMeeting and conference call.

Cost:  $149.99 per person.  Attendees will conclude the webinar guaranteed to have at least 10 potential new sources of foundation funding.  Includes my download-able ebook “Five Days to Foundation Grants” and an all new grantseekers toolkit filled with funded grant proposal samples (a $79.99 value).

Email me today to schedule a mutually convenient date and time!

Foundation Funding Search

You’ll receive a listing of 20-30 foundation prospects complete with contacts, grant application guidelines, recommended request ranges and deadlines.

Grant Proposal Writing: From extensive foundation prospect research, to writing compelling, competitive grant proposals, to follow-up and final reporting, GrowConsultingPA will help your organization develop a Grants System,  with a focus on building long-term relationships with foundation grant-makers.

Grant Proposal Review: Like having a program officer review your proposal – before you send it!  Your proposal will be reviewed for clarity, grammar and what I refer to as the “compelling” factor.  Five day turn around.

Monthly Giving: Do you offer your donors the convenience of monthly giving? GrowConsultingPA will take the questions out of designing your organization’s monthly giving program, providing you with clear structures and priorities in relation to charitable giving and community support that will have long term benefits for both the donor and your organization.

Donor Communications: Do you have a structured donor acknowledgment program? GrowConsultingPA will provide your organization with a systematic, donor-centered complete communication plan.

Story Development: What’s your organization’s story? No, I’m not talking about your mission statement, your story about your founder or any of the typical nonprofit jargon that’s already likely bored you to tears. I’m talking about how your work impacts your clients, your staff, your community, your board. The story you need to be telling – creatively and consistently. I will provide your organization with a cadre of stories to use in all of your development communications.

Social Media: Confused? No need to be. GrowConsultingPA will set up your Facebook, YouTube and Twitter accounts and maintain them for a low monthly fee.

Email Marketing, Online Giving and more … Just don’t “get it?”  Online giving is more than slapping a “donate” button on your site and waiting for the dollars to roll in.  Email marketing is more than sending out an email to your subscriber list whenever you want donations.  Without a focused plan for developing your online community all you can hope for is the occasional $25 gift to trickle in.
GrowConsultingPA will develop your entire online strategy, from your “Donate” button to your donor acknowledgment to your email strategies.

Development Director in a Box

Frazzled?  Now is the time to ramp up your fundraising efforts – not cut back!

For qualifying organizations our Development Director in a Box interim staffing program may be right for you. Offering a streamlined, commonsense approach to systematizing your fundraising, GrowConsultingPA will establish your organization’s grants system, design and implement your individual giving, review your database (or assist in the selection of one), review your website and social media plan (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter) and structure your donor communications with an eye to long-term donor retention.

This program is ideal for organizations lacking funding for a full-time development director or between development directors and is available to organizations with annual operating budgets of less than $2 million.

How to Contact Me

Send me an email at indicating times on Thursday or Friday that you are available for a 30 minute consultation.

“Pamela has been a member of the professional community for years. Through her active participation and insightful articles contributed to CharityChannel, she has earned the respect of thousands of her professional colleagues, me included. She enjoys a solid reputation as a development consultant, and is on my short list of recommended consultants.” June 27, 2009
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